Forest Grove Little League

Which level should I sign my daughter up for?  First, refer to the age bracket to find out what age your daughter falls under.  Then, determine which level to sign up for based on her experience.  (For example:  Your daughter was born on May 11, 2009, and has never played softball.  According to the chart, she would be 9 for the entire 2019 softball season [even though she turns 10 during the season].  Next, because of her experience, the best level to sign her up for would be AA Level.  However, if she has played before and understands the game, you should sign her up for AAA Level.)

Can my almost 4-year-old play?  Your daughter has to have turned 4 by January 1st in order to play this year.  If she turns 4 after the 1st of January this year, we would love to have her for Tball next year.

How do I know if I live in the Forest Grove Little League Girls’ Softball boundaries?  Use the Little League Finder , using your address or your school’s address, to determine if you are signing up for the correct league. 

Can my daughter be on her friend’s team?  For players age 7 and under, the board will do their best when putting teams together to make sure that the girls that go to the same schools are put on the same teams.  If you specifically want your daughter to be with a specific coach or on a team with a specific player, please contact us and let us know your daughter’s name and her friend’s name, so we can do our best to make sure this happens.  For players age 8 and above, we will be holding evaluations and teams will be put together based on a draft.

Can I help coach my daughter’s team?  We are always on the lookout for great coaches! Please contact us right away if you want to be a head coach so we can make sure we have enough players and head coaches to fill teams.  Once head coaches are chosen and have been assigned teams, we will leave it up to the coaches to decide who their assistant coaches will be, and we will provide the coach names of anyone interested on their team.  At the younger levels, head coaches need more assistance, so please do not hesitate to ask to assist.  All coaches/assistants will need to do a background check.

I can’t pay all of the registration fee at this time.  Can I still register now and pay later?  Absolutely!  When you register and get to the payment page, we offer a payment installment program of monthly payments starting when you register.  If the installment payments are still too hard on the wallet, you can choose to pay by check and then send whatever you can along with a letter to our treasurer, Tiffany, about what you can afford to pay and when.  She will then keep in contact with you about your payments.  If any kind of registration fee will be a hardship on your family, please contact us and we can discuss your particular situation.

My daughter already plays competitive softball.  Can she play Little League as well?  We have had a lot of girls play both and it seems to work out just fine.  While it is a commitment, it is doable!  Little League games are usually played between March and June, while competitive leagues usually player longer into season.  And some of our very own coaches have also been competitive league coaches.  If you have the same coach in both leagues, you can guarantee you can do both!  Our league now offers Fall Ball through Oregon Reign.  We will post how to play for Oregon Reign later in the season.

Does my daughter need to tryout?  Will she make a team?  Forest Grove Little League Girls' Softball does not have tryouts.  We do evaluations for players age 8 and above to find out their level of play.  All players that register to play will play on a team unless there are not enough girls registered to fill a team.

When will practices and games be?  Practices will be up to the coach’s availability, but are usually twice a week.  For AAA and above, practices may occur more, again, depending on the coach.  Game schedules are made at a district level mid-March, so we cannot predict what dates/times games will be until then, but the coaches do provide their availability prior to this meeting, so if there are any conflicts in your schedules that your daughter absolutely cannot play on a certain day of the week, please notify your coach as soon as you are notified of what team your daughter is on.  We cannot guarantee anything when it comes to games, but the more information the coaches/board has prior to scheduling the games, the better we will be prepared to try to accommodate everyone.

Who will my daughter’s coach be?  Everyone at Forest Grove Little League Girls’ Softball, including the Board of Directors and coaches, are all volunteers.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee anyone’s return year-to-year.  Prior to the start of the season, coaches are chosen.  As soon as we have coaches, and we provide the coaches their roster, they will notify you about which team you are on, what days your practices are on, and so forth.

How long does softball season last?  Practices usually start early to mid-March, games usually start mid- to late-March and the season usually ends in late-May to early-June.  The season may be longer for AAA and above, especially if players are chosen for All Stars.

What equipment do I need to provide?  FGLL will provide a uniform – shirt, pants, socks and a belt.  We will also have batting helmets, bats, and catcher’s gear available for each team.  You will need to provide a glove and softball cleats.  If you prefer to have your own bat, that is welcomed as well, except in Tball, we will need to certify your bat.  A board member will come by during practices to take care of this once the season starts.

What do the registration fees go toward?  The registration fees are used to pay for chartering with Little League International, insurance fees, uniforms, field maintenance, equipment upkeep and replacement, and so much more.  Forest Grove Little League is non-profit, so every penny we bring in goes right back into the program.